– You’re just too good to be true!

I am riveted by the charm of your presence,
I feel my breath stop within me,
I am breathless,
All my wandering thoughts turn to you.
My heart, like a compass pointing towards North,
Always turn to you…
But this was not always the case…

You were a complete stranger,
Never knew you,
Like moons, we orbited on different worlds,
Separate and apart…
Your rare personality drew me towards you,
I fell into the web you made for me,
And I don’t want to go out…I never thought a simple dimpled smile would mean the rest of me.

I want you within me,
To embrace you,
To have my arms around you,
Holding and touching you….

I want to taste those sensous lips,
Those lips that send my mind into a frenzy,
I want to gaze into your enthralling eyes,
And let my mind roam…
I want a glimpse of your presence,
Your personality, your character…
You’re my fantasy, my dream,
My inspiration,
Everything in this world that I need,
My very breath…

Come to me,
Be with me,
Let me be your shadow,
Let me be the ocean and you the waves,
Let me the drops that’ll fill the ocean of your heart…


This may sound cliche, but I just think that love exists in our minds. It’s like the real world has no love to give, or to show. Yet in our hearts and minds we hold the greatest love of all. Okay, at some point I didn’t believe in this elusion called live, but growth taught me love because then I learned to love myself. Which makes it easier to give this love to someone else really. It feels amazing to love and be loved, but the truth will remain that love is not love for it never lasts.


Love note

If there was ever a person I never expected to fall in love with, it’d have been you:
You and I are poles apart,
Irreconcilable and the antithesis of each other,
Whenever I’d run North,
There you’d be,
Slowly trudging South.
When I’d be up there,
Sauntering and being boisterous and Cantankerous,
There you’d be,
As still as the night,
And as sublime,
Quiet and meditative.
I’d often wonder,
At moments of rest,
Whether you despised me,
Or pitied me,
For my reproachable manners and demeanor.
I scorned you,
Thinking that you thought yourself above the rest of us.
There I’d erect myself,
Like a statue,
Cold, insulting and emotionless,
At an impasse with myself,
My thoughts always revolving around what you thought of me.
In darkest of nights and the brightest of days,
Your face was what I envisioned every day,
You haunted me.
I should have realized back then that I was, and still am, enamoured with you.
You’re not the most beautiful,
Nor are you the most charming,
Neither are you another Marie Curie,
Yet, here I am, thinking about you still.
My heart beats at the very mention of your name, the pounding of it is like the drumming of an African drum, when announcing the end of another successful hunt,
Or the defeat of a foe.
What was it that made me fall head over heels in love with you?
That smile,
That smile that stole the heart of Hades and made him kidnap Persephone,
That smile that changed me from
A vulnerable, disreputable and an imperfect being, with a heart calloused and blistered,
Into flesh and blood.
You brought reason to me,
The very cause of my existence.
Now, I’m not asking you to marry me,
Or to be my life long partner,
Far from it…
I don’t understand the emotions and sentiments that drive the human heart,
Nor do I pretend to comprehend this enigma, known as love.
And as I sat there,
Staring at you,
With passion burning in my heart,
While you fluttered away,
Like a butterfly skipping gracefully between daffodils,
There you were,
Smiling, laughing.
My hands itched, and still does, to grab you
And embrace you,
To have you turn to me,
To have your dainty fingers grasp mine.
How I long for that moment.
Every waking moment of my life,
I yearn for your love,
I desire you, and that ardour that drives you forward,
Towards new frontiers,
Like an explorer discovering lands beyond the horizon.
Turn to me, my love,
The beating of my heart…

Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on!!!

The wonders of nature. How beautiful life is, right? But well the future is not promised to anyone, but how it turns out all lies in our hands. I just realized how far we go for fame, to make friends and be all that on social media; yet our reality is just something else.

Nothing is more ironic that seeing a grown person complaining about how harsh their life has turned out, worse when the blame game is on. The only necessity to shape life the way you want it to look like is Knowing ones worth. That’s where it all lies. I know you might have heard motivational speakers say “Hard work and determination is the key to achieve your goals.” Maybe they are right, but seriously we are all working hard, but only a few know their worth. The moment you discover your worth you will start asking yourself questions such as “do i belong here? Is this the best I can do? Can I go a step further?” Yes yes and yes. To be or not to be is not the question…the question is “What is my worth?” Oh the power realization of worth has. I mean even when you are an all time millionaire, if you realise your worth you will want to go a step further because where you are is never enough. If you can still go a step further then why stand?

It’s one thing that kills how people think and I call it comfort zone. Aaah it’s a beautiful place, but remember nothing grows there. It’s beautiful but its dead and if you’re in a dead yet comfortable place, you will die a slow comfortable death. So move out of your comfort zone. Take risks, think smart and think financial freedom.

Get up, dress up and start moving forward! Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on!๐Ÿ˜‰

Between the lines

Life is so rough. For a seventeen years old I feel that I’ve experienced way too much and I think it’s enough already. Being independent at a young age is my number one goal, but sometimes I find myself doing things that have no contribution to me standing on my own. I mean practice makes perfect right?

I realized that many things are sugar quoted in life. Friendship, relationships, love, religion… you name it. Nothing is said as it is, a spade is not a spade! How are we supposed to learn if this is how society influences us as the youth? Well my answer to this deep question is ‘we should learn to read between the lines.’ As much as I’m such a little girl, I know that happiness is not happiness without material things, hate overcomes love and lies are the new truth. It’s sad, but it’s the only fact I’ve learned since I’ve been a citizen of this Earth.

Read between the lines and well, let things flow. People will come and go either to teach you a lesson or to be a blessing…on most of my past experiences I’ve had a person be both a lesson and a blessing, which isn’t a bad thing. That way I teach myself to grow from the lesson learned and in return I become a blessing to someone else who will appreciate that nature.

My gift…

Okay so…as I was saying before that my writing journey changed roads, from horror to romance. Late 2017; In October specifically, I started writing a new book. Titled ‘A gift from a World of No Strings Attached’. As you all know that when you write a book you fall In love with it. I fell in love with my characters, the setting and the plot itself.

It took me a good nine months to finish it, and yes again I felt that sense of pride. Even though at the back of my mind I knew that this means that I am going to face even more rejection from publishers. Which I did. I can live with that.

The book is based on love that exists in an isolated system of minds. Two people against the world and it’s tribulations. The main idea here is that “love always wins, and if it doesn’t then It was never love.” Don’t you think that’s amazing? Well I do. I think it’s important that I mention that I was in a lovey dovey relationship when I wrote this, so it made it easier. I also think it’s important that I say, my lovey dovey relationship ended before I finished my book. So that also became a road block in my journey. Shame, I was heart broken๐Ÿ™„, but you know what they say about good things…

I also kept in mind my theory about love never failing, so it also made it clear to me that my love was not really love, if that makes sense.

Okay so moving on I continued with my gift and well I guess there is life after boyfriend after all.

Let me just say this…

Let me just say this. Being a writer is the most powerful thing. Be it books, scripts or music. Writing is powerful and I praise writers.

Listen to this, writers have the power to lure, to seduce, to drag an individual into believing, writers have the ability to make you believe in lies even after being told that “this is a lie”.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s amazing how you walk all the way to the library only to visit the “fiction” shelf and pick the lies you want to drown in. Most amazingly, you believe them. See the power I speak about? This power can make you open this book, read from prologue to the end and even thirst for part two. Of more lies. Because that is what a fiction is. Lies. Beautiful lies. Fiction writers deserve an award for being the most life giving liars. I am one of them. Actually I started to believe in my own lies to the point of telling my friends that “no, this book I’m writing is going to give rise to buried hearts.” Take my second Romance fiction for example, titled -A gift from a World of No Strings Attached. Beautiful title hey? Well this book made me believe in love and even fall into the trap that I could, currently, be in the midst of true love.

To think that even the writer falls into ensnare of their own work of imagination is actually a very senseful explanation that lies between pages is more believable than reality, also quite peculiar. Reality scares me and I am sure that I am not the only one. So we fall in love with the characters in the books we read and wish to one day meet someone like them. We fall in love with the places we read about because we have polluted what we have with disrepute and abhorrence.

The work of a writer is priceless, I’m not saying don’t purchase books now. I mean the work of a writer bears fruits for thought. The words bear life in it and the message writers share can strike realisation more than reality can.

Don’t ever stop reading because maybe that’s your number one purpose in this world.๐ŸŒป